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How To Wear Natural Perfume Like A Boss  

If you haven't used natural perfume before, read this! 

There is only one way to appreciate natural perfume: naturally.

    Start with clean, moist skin that is fragrance free, and apply it in a place away from smoke, fumes, and strong fragrances in the room. If you use organic products or unscented products, your nose is probably sensitive enough to appreciate the finer nuances of an authentic perfume.

I think the best way to get to know a natural perfume is after a warm tub soak with a gently scented hand-made soap, when your skin is flushed and dewy.

Wear your perfume and get to know it over time to see how it blooms and blends with your body during the day. Reapply in the evening- or better, wear it to bed.

Natural perfume does not overpower the senses, it enhances them... subtley.  

Natural perfume is something you wear for you to enjoy. If you are feeling alive in your own skin, and you connect with your primal powers, everyone around you will be able to see you for who you really are!

Friends, you don't have to knock 'em out with nose-hair-singeing chemicals. Commercial perfumes are overwhelming and actually make it harder to smell them; that's one of the reasons why people say their perfume doesn't last. Trust me, it's still there- I speak from over 3 decades of experience examining patients up close and personal. 

I've also noticed that because many people use shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotions that are strongly scented, they overdose their perfume to try to smell it over the stuff already on their skin. 

These products last a long, long, time and are designed to not come off with light bathing and washing. 

There are some natural materials that really do cling to the skin, like raw garlic, tumeric, lemon peel, and such. People who cook know this; and in fact we sometimes use lemon peel to "neutralize" garlic and onion on the skin. 

Most natural perfume materials are more delicate, refined and subtle. They have to be extracted by special processes and it takes many pounds of material to get a few drops of essence.

Here are a few quick facts about natural perfume materials and smell:

  • flower oils and juices don't smell very good out of hand. try crushing rose petals in your fingers, as an example.  
  • wood oils cannot be expressed, or pressed out. that should be intuitively obvious, it also dictates the methods needed to get that juice out.  
  • citrus oils can be squeezed out of fresh peels, or steam distilled. the expressed (unheated) essential oils smell just like cutting into fresh fruit. all citrus oils spoil if not refrigerated. and they can cause sunburns! remember this when you're by the pool drinking margaritas and squeezing lime juice all over your lap and midriff. 
  • natural perfumery has been driving the production of sustainable, renewable sources for precious ingredients, like sandalwood, by growers around the globe. very few commercial perfumes have natural ingredients; if they do they're extremely expensive. those of us who make natural perfume are not making a fortune, our materials cost far too much to be commercially profitable. it's for the love of it, the art of it, and the desire to share it with our kindreds. 
  •  fifth factoid, one that bears repeating - smell is the tip of the brain, the forefront of our senses! It's primal. From the front of the face into the deeper core of the brain, it fundamentally operates at a subconscious, but powerful, level.  How we perceive odors is a result of the memories and emotional associations that developed over time when we were exposed to those odors. This is the basis for my use of the term “scent life.” #ScentLife 

Pro Tip: Natural perfumes have many of the same ingredients that are used in aromatherapy, so your all-natural perfume is not only a work of art, but it has intrinsic therapeutic benefits.  Natural perfume is a dialed-in use of scented materials, to create an odor-profile that is very refined and highly pleasurable, rather than principally therapeutic. 

odor molecules - smelly little things

A review: There are many ways to talk about odor, but I'm going to break it down in a simple way that makes sense to me, and that highlights why I choose only natural. 

  • Chemical – our primitive brain is able to sense chemicals as deadly as toxins (like sensing rotten food), and as essential to survival as knowing where to get water by smelling wet earth. 
  • Biological - even in a modern world, smelling is important for finding a mate, for imprinting newborn babes and mothers, and recognizing relatives versus strangers. some studies have demonstrated that we are capable of smelling fear.  because of the damage to smell with covid-19 infection, we are learning more about the biology of smell at a very rapid pace. 
  • Fragrant - pleasing odors are associated with food and nature, in as many ways as you can imagine. No need for me to say more.  

The memories associated with smells and odors are personal and can be very different from one person to the next. The difference between sensing an odor and how we perceive that odor is mentioned above. But the memories, thoughts and feelings that odors evoke are not necessarily permanent, because this part of the brain is changeable, or "plastic" as we say in the medical sciences. Neural Plasticity. 

opinion: don't cover it up, enhance it. 

You are an aromatic animal, ANIMaL ARoMATIK! Androsterone and estrogen are the naturally occurring steroid hormones in men and women, and interestingly they have similar shapes as musk molecules. We don't really know what human pheromones are, but who cares? Something is going on, and it's all good. 

If you embrace this already, Go YOU! I have no doubt that you enjoy richly satisfying experiences. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, then, huney, we should chat sometime, or see my blog post about musk. 

It all boils down to this: the more subtle and more natural a fragrance is, the more POTENT it is at a subliminal level. If you know how to wield this knowledge, that's a superpower

  • Bonus Point: Everything you sense, whether it is an odor or another perception (and that includes everything related to electronic media), goes into your mind - even if you don't consciously perceive it. That's what subliminal means. Think about your environment - is it intrinsically healthy for you? Or is it causing insidious damage? 

  • Electronic media is a real threat to our personal and societal health. If you plug it in, you're plugging a flood of harmful stuff into your mind and you have then, in a very real sense, lost your mind. To get it back, you have to choose to Take It Back.

  • And so for those of you who love beautiful things, like scents and experiences of the world, I want to emphasize the point to only use perfume made with natural materials.

    How do you improve your #ScentLife? By reconnecting with nature- the natural world and also your natural self!  

    This is the recurring theme for my work: I cannot condone using chemically synthesized odor molecules for any reason. Period. Remember that GIGO applies to all of our senses. You must take control of your scent life by first choosing to avoid synthetic fragrances and second choosing to embrace the natural world with all its funky odors. 

    So switch to unscented and naturally scented products as much as practicable. Go au naturale. Good job! Good choice! 


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    Last minute advice:

    Wear a face covering Always & Everywhere, take some vitamins (zinc and zinc ionophores to be precise), love the ones you’re with, stay super duper hydrated, and just breathe and smell stuff. Because we are lucky ducks if we can still breathe and smell, don’t you think? Stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively. Stay busy with good endeavors, try to fill your heart with good vibes and don’t put garbage into your brain.

    We Got This!